What is 'SHE'?
Let me do less this mess!
'She' is not correctly define anywhere but have many uncorrect meanings.
She is full of courage,and just does whatever she likes the most no matter what ,it makes sense or not ..she is just doing because it gives pleasure to her, that's all matters!
     She shuts ,she talks,
       she run ,she walks.
     She laughed ,she moored,
       she shrinked ,she bloomed.
-At once ,she collects everything, and at the next moment looses all by herself.
-At once she runs hard ,and at the next moment she slowly takes her steps back.
she walks then she runs,
she flies then she falls,
-she enjoys herself in between the crowd then, finds herself alone at the corner of that crowd.
-She creates mess when she is  not in mood then quietly unpuzzles that mess.
Just because she knows about her limited freedom.
She knows about her curtailed liberty.
she knows what she is and also β€˜the one’ what they makes her.
She knows everything and knows Nothing on the other side.
Yes! So that's the word which is
'correctly not defined anywhere but have many uncorrect definitions'
this is SHE!

Make you sure!πŸƒ

‘Never return to that cage ever, where you put an age in to,come out.’ πŸŒ€

But first make sure ,you’re out!🌱

Why do you even think about that corner of your joyous life which ruins you the most?πŸ₯€

Does it give you pleasure?🌻Okay,  If it does! so think on it ‘twice’ instead of going back.πŸŽ‘

But if it doesn’t so just keep youself out.🌬️

This makes no sense to choosing that again in the same proportional you’ve chosen once.🍁

‘This is your life’ probably this should be a sufficient reason ,to choose the place where you want to be rather than a place which confines you!πŸ—Ώ

Or somewhere in between ,the place you choose and the place chosses you, the right should be yours.🌸

Do not allow anyone to downgrade your status in front of you.πŸ‘οΈ

You should take a charge of your life and create your own space.πŸ’

Don’t your dreams remains buried in that closet of your heart .🌡
You already broke the walls of cage. This is brave indeed!πŸ‘ Now break ,the limitations you’ve built in your mind.πŸ‘„
– Are you Feeling worthless?πŸ‘Ž

– or may be cluless? ✊

– Or seeking a way to how to deal with?🀝
just beacuse you never saw that side of yours.although you took a alot of time to get out of it.πŸ‘£
Man,You already brave enough!🀺
Make a hole in yourself from which your β€˜that age’ can come out. That may be the only reason you reached at yourself.πŸ•΄οΈ

December callings!❄️

Thanks for joining me!

Did you feel the same weather twice?

I could see myself somewhere in the middle of river.although it wasn't deeper and swiflty flowing along with the strong wind. But I couldn't move a single step even due to the rapid flow of water, like everything was just stagnant!
I almost lost there.  Suddenly,i felt a fregrance, though it wasn't new.i felt it before even several times.I wanted to follow that breeze which had begun to dissolve in lungs passing through my nostrils.i turned back trying to find where from it comes.As i slowly  fixed my one leg in water and put an another leg to forward, i lost my balance and fell down from the bed.
Yes,i woke up! i woke up in the valley of midnight clocks says it was 4 am. The next day waited for me. Was that the beginning of my next day? I felt again that breeze. I opened the left window of my room as soon as i could open and kept my whole face almost out i wanted to feel the same a little more.Those white flowers reminds me that yesterday was 30th of november.
Ohhh! so that was first fregrance of spring .Yes!that was calling of  December! I smiled because december had many memories, i wanted to relive those moment again. I slowly slipped down in the blanket and whispered.
Hello December!❀️
Welcome in my journey.

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